Yeah, well this is for forgetting all about my account for ages. Sorry.
As an update, X Men First Class is amazing, I saw it 3 times at the Odeon, And am now thoroughly obsessed.
Mainly with Charles, and Banshee, and Az, and Janos, and Erik....

Also, I went to the LFCC yesterday, no cosplay this time, unfortunately, As I only found out about it on Thursday!
I met Sophie Aldred (Ace) and Richard Franklin (Cpt. Yates). I also saw Karen Gillan, Christopher Lloyd and Sylvester McCoy, if that counts.


 Boy, did I have a great weekend!

I saw MCR....live! In Wembley. It was the first proper rock concert i've ever been to (Those Bootleg Beatles ones never quite got so wild!)
It was one of the most amazing things i've ever seen in my life!

Aww... I love ray :)

On the other hand, just found out the my Bootleg Beatles concert in March clashes with the skl trip to Berlin.... :(

Can't wait to see dear old Georgie again!

Roll up, roll up, step right this way...

Well, hi everyone!

My first post on lj....... hmm what to say?

Sorry, bit distracted at the moment, watching the Beatles at Shea stadium, singing 'I'm down'.
Oh Paul..... *squees*.

Anyway, yeah, just chillin' at the mo' think i'll go watch some Morecambe and Wise soon.
Oh my poor non-existant social life (and pathetic excuse for a lj post).

Ta ra then!


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